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April 6, 2013, 1:00 pm

On Political Correctness, the Media, and “Sporting” Behavior


But not always.

Back in 1973, Tricky Dick Nixon and I were hanging out on the porch at San Clemente, drinking scotch and tinkering with the enemies list. He said, “Radical,” (that’s what he called me, because “TR” made him think of 26′s big scary teeth); “Radical, never cover anything up. Things only get worse when those politically correct fa**ots find out.” (Have I ever told you that Dick had a neat way of inserting asterisks in words, and lengthy silences in sentences, even while speaking? It was really quite the party stunt.)

Since I tweeted Joe Nocera’s opinion piece in today’s New York Times about the belated firing of Rutgers basketball coach I’ve been mulling over this fictional but highly formative moment in my life history. Like Woodward and Bernstein, Nocera suggests we follow the money to…

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March 26, 2011, 11:44 am

Because We Are All Bill Cronon: An Open Letter To Our Colleague In Madison

Where is this clause in the constitution?

Dear Bill:

Welcome to the blogosphere!  I like the design of Scholar as Citizen, and frankly, I’m also happy to have another age peer in the house.  Although I’ve never had a whole political party go after me (very impressive, dude!), I did suffer an attack from a fellow historian and his followers that had its hair-raising moments. 

I didn’t get the death threats on my voice mail that an untenured colleague at a prestigious flagship received from the Sunshine Band.  However, I got plenty of hate mail, as well as copies of numerous emails sent to Zenith’s president, members of the history department, and the board of trustees.  These various communications, and numerous letters, all called for my termination — something that was, of course, impossible, since I already had tenure. It wasn’t covered in the national media, but it was ugly all the same…

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March 2, 2009, 2:02 pm

Happy Women’s History Month! A Celebration, A Challenge and a Call

Of course, every month is women’s history month if you are the Tenured Radical. And, if you are the intersectionally-inclined person that I am, Black History Month isn’t over at the end of February either (although I’m sure organizers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that it is, particularly at Zenith, where a group of students organized a great calendar of events this year.)

To celebrate, a few of us in the feminist history blogosphere have been drawn into a great project initiated by Ann Little, over at Historiann. Four feminist history bloggers are responding to Judith Bennett’s book History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2006.) One of us will write every Monday for the entire month of March and, in round table style, drop in and out of each other’s blogs to comment. The first post, Should politics be …

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March 25, 2007, 3:52 pm

My Fantasy About Leaving Zenith

My fantasy about leaving Zenith has a number of constituent parts. At one point, it included going to law school and becoming an activist attorney who did real things to help people. This idea developed in contradistinction to the line people often feed me about how important it is to teach elite students because it is they who will go out in the world and run things, and they need to learn from people “like me.”

Oh right. This is a reason to go on living: molding future world leaders and captains of industry. Just call me the Handmaiden to the Stars.

I also had a fantasy about running for office, which faded precipitously when I realized it would require hours and hours of social events, a capacity to remember lots of names forever, eating dreadful food and making compromises with people I would, to my peril, learn not to despise — for example, Joe Lieberman and Trent Lott. This …

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