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March 14, 2007, 3:35 am

Pokey Chatman Update

Thank heaven for the anonymous comment function. A report just in from Baton Rouge (I think — the writer seems familiar enough with the campus) adds nuance to the picture of the Pokey Chatman resignation. This short essay was originally posted to the comments section of my previous article, but it has enough of a new perspective to deserve a more prominent place on the blog. Tiger321 writes:

“Along with remembering that most of what’s been reported is based on rumor, we should also keep in mind that the media doesn’t (and perhaps can’t) give the whole story. One aspect that’s been mostly left out in the coverage of this saga is that there are in fact people who are supporting Pokey. LSU’s campus newspaper today included an article in which a former player (who remains anonymous) does–however tactfully–defend Chatman. Also in the news today, Sylvia Fowles’s comments to the press…

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