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March 29, 2012, 12:57 pm

Playing Park Politics; Or, The Poopy Public Sphere

You would think our little neighborhood in Shoreline was Dog Doo City.

Last spring there was a big hullabaloo about dogs pooping in public.  The short version is this: local residents were in the habit of using a fenced field attached to two primary schools as a dog park.  I am ambivalent about dog parks, since for every twenty good citizens there is one lunkhead who appears not to be aware that his or her dog gets into fights.  Neither of my dogs has ever fought unless attacked; I find it particularly irritating, then, when a menacing dog has mine on the ground and its human companion instructs me to just “let them work it out.” In my imagination, this type of person is the culprit who leaves large dollops of dog doo for the vast majority of conscientious citizens —  those who do and do not live with dogs — to step in. (more…)

October 28, 2010, 7:18 pm

Department Of Economics III: The Latest On Salaries And Benefits

We at Tenured Radical are starting to collate some interesting information from this week’s posts on faculty salaries.  Crunch the data yourself, but a few facts are revealing themselves:

The phrase “academic job market” does not describe an actual market.  Rather, it describes a frozen employment sector where a fair number of people who are fully employed are hanging on for dear life.  Only one commenter, Squadratomagico (who in addition to being a college professor also performs in a small circus, which I have always thought was interesting), is unperturbed by this situation.  You can read about her reasons, many of which I respect, particularly since she really doesn’t seem to care about money. The only point in this post that I disagree with completely is that paying faculty a low wage is alright because “Higher education is a not-for-profit enterprise.”  Such logic suggests that no …

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