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December 23, 2008, 6:54 pm

Holiday Gifts for the Cheney, Bush and McCain Families To Express Our Gratitude for Their Public Service

Wondering what to get those special federal office holders for Christmas? An outrageous apologia from Bill Kristol? NO! Try this framed photo of Sarah Palin!* Lots of laughs around the Christmas Tree! And some bittersweet thoughts about what could have, you know, been…there. You know.

Or click here to purchase Parables of Pop Culture, a book that will help your favorite “old style” Republican pol talk to the family about how “the power of the words on the Burma Shave signs pale in comparison to the power of God’s words to us in the bible.” Well, yeah! I think so! And maybe God will also explain where the regulatory agencies were sleeping when the CFO buddies of the Bush-Cheney administration were siphoning money from every possible corner of the economy into their own pockets! No, don’t be mad, God — that’s a JOKE! There are no regulatory agencies any more! Ha! Ha!

Or click…

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September 28, 2008, 8:51 pm

This Week in John McCain Land: The Case Against A Man Who Would Be President

So much has been going around the internet about Governor Sarah Palin’s (dis)qualifications for executive office (and she is such an easy target for the Eastern Elite Eastablishment in all its tolerance for white people who are, shall we say, earthier, than your average Bostonian) that I do not think there has been a high enough focus on increasingly distressing news that is surfacing, and being documented, about Senator John McCain. There are a variety of facts emerging about McCain’s character and Senate record that are far more disturbing in some ways than what we know about Palin’s difficulty in telling the truth about her past actions (although what could be more disturbing than the fact that when Palin was Mayor of Wasilla the town instituted a policy of billing rape victims for their emergency room care and for the cost of the rape kits used to collect evidence that would…

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September 16, 2008, 11:45 am

As Wall Street Tumbles, Herbert Hoover — er, John McCain — Claims That “The Fundamentals Of The Economy Are Still Strong.”

Well, thank you Mary Sunshine.

Seriously folks, the economy hasn’t been sound for a long time, making it even more bizarre that John McCain made this claim yesterday, shortly after Lehman Brothers went down the tube. Even if — as at least one source correctly asserts — this phrase was part of a longer speech that acknowledges the current situation as worrisome, how can McCain float this fantasy when economists of all political persuasions are asserting that the economy has not hit bottom yet? That the worst may be yet to come? (Even the Radical, who does not pray often, is praying for you, AIG. And for you, WaMu.) Click here for video posted by CBS News that shows Obama finally getting aggressive; click here for video posted by FP Passport, a web log published by the journal Foreign Policy, that shows a longer clip from the McCain speech than I have quoted above.

The Radical keeps …

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