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March 7, 2014, 5:06 pm

Dept. of Untenured Radicals: Santa Cruz Students on the March


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Beginning at 3:00 Pacific Time on Wednesday March 5, students at UC Santa Cruz occupied an administration building. When they left the following morning, under their own steam, they chanted “We’ll Be Back!” They probably will: they’ve done it before. Good for you, young people: I thought it was creepy to put someone whose specialty is Homeland Security and border control in charge of a school system too.

Here’s what they want:

1. We demand the resignation or impeachment of Janet Napolitano as
UC President immediately.

2. We demand that next and all future UC presidents be someone who:

a) is elected by students and faculty;
b) has an extensive and positive background in education;
c) works towards completely eliminating student debt through
full subsidization;

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August 19, 2013, 6:26 pm

All The News About Evacuating the Rich….

Obscures how much of Idaho is burning right now, and how much this affects ordinary Idahoans, including college students employed by the forest service. Look at the green patches: that’s where the fires are. While it isn’t my home state, it’s my second home state, and has an academic program where you can study forest fires. Good news: the fire near Moscow, which is where the University of Idaho is, has been contained, according to KHQ.


Our thoughts at Tenured Radical are with the smoke jumpers tonight: don’t take your gloves off!

September 10, 2012, 10:35 pm

Join Tenured Radical In New York

Illustration credit: Alex Spector, “The Sun”, 2002 Library of Congress

Tomorrow will be the first time I have been in New York on September 11 since before the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001. Furthermore, I now live in a building that not only looks out over Lower Manhattan, but has a clear view of where the World Trade Center used to be and the Freedom Tower has arisen. This morning I woke up to a blue, cloudless sky and was overwhelmed with…dread.

Although I knew that life would change that day as the two tallest buildings in New York burned, twisted, and dissolved, I never could have predicted that this country would be at war for more than a decade. This was just as inconceivable as the idea that dedicated terrorists would learn to drive jetliners so that they could steer them into buildings full of…

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December 27, 2009, 8:38 am

Memo To Department Of Homeland Security: You Suck

We are reading very little news from the United States while in South Africa, particularly since (thanks to my least favorite senator since Jesse Helms, Joe Lieberman) the health care bill is such a cock-up. But you couldn’t log into a commercial email account without reading an account of this incident, in which a Nigerian man attempted to explode a device on board a Northwest flight from Amsterdam, just minutes outside of Detroit. Passengers and crew members are being praised for their quick response in extinguishing the device and restraining the bomber.

TSA officials are promising action, action action, undoubtedly in the form of more high-tech approaches to stopping terrorists before they are able to act. And yet, what we have so far is incredibly expensive and cumbersome security procedures that can be easily circumvented by your average Joe Terrorist. I have always wondered,…

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