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September 5, 2012, 9:58 am

“One of the Most Compassionate Men:” Senator Ted Kennedy’s Recent History

Sen. Edward Kennedy is escorted by troopers as he leaves court in Edgartown, Mass. (AP)

After an hour and a half riding around Brooklyn on the subway due to an F train mishap, Tenured Radical arrived home last night just in time to hear these words, spoken by Bill Clinton, as part of the Teddy Kennedy tribute video at the Democratic National Convention. I have always been a huge Teddy fan, but it did occur to me that one of the unbridgeable divided between ordinary Dems and ordinary Repubs might be the collective amnesia about why Teddy could never be president. There was the drinking, the womanizing, and the nasty divorce. As Teddy and Joan hurtled their way to destruction, every moment was documented in supermarket tabloids, complete with the ugly, frantic pictures that were typical of that genre even prior to…

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September 30, 2010, 6:41 pm

That’s Why I’m Drinkin’ Again: A Longer, Taller Look At Collegiate Partying

The Davidson College student newspaper, artfully named The Davidsonian, published a piece yesterday about one of the Radical’s favorite topics, college drinkin’.  Davidson is one of 30 schools that is part of a  long-term study measuring substance (ab)use on college campuses. “This assessment, administered by the CORE Institute at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale (SIUC),” writes kid reporter Kelly Wilson, “was developed in the late 1980′s by the U.S. Department of Education. Colleges and universities across the country use it to gauge alcohol and other drug usage, attitudes, and perceptions on their campuses.”

Davidson, like many other liberal arts colleges (including Zenith) has been trying to decide what to do about binge drinking, and has been using the CORE survey data to strategize interventions.   More stringent policing, student life administrators worry, would drive…

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