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November 11, 2012, 10:23 am

The Tributes To Darrell Royal Avoid An Uglier History

Lyndon Johnson congratulating QB James Street in 1970. Royal (center) credited Johnson with changing his view about integrating the Longhorns (the first Black Longhorn lettered in 1970.) Photo credit.

As the nation goes all dewy-eyed over legendary Texas football coach Darrell Royal’s death from cardio-vascular disease last week, I find the historian in me curious about the many memorializations to his legacy that either fail to mention, or equivocate about, his brutality and racism. No, instead of curious, make that really offended.

If one more journalist describes the man as “folksy” I will discharge my breakfast. ¬†And I would like to point out that, despite the love that is being showered on his memory by the fans, few obituaries quote any of his former players. Those that do seem to have been unable to…

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May 6, 2011, 11:44 am

Have Radical, Will Travel: Or, Some People Do Go Both Ways

Tenured Radical is over at Cliopatria today, with an original about a conservative history flack, Texan David Barton, that will not be cross posted here.  In an attempt to remain a legitimate member of the Cliopatria team over at History News Network, I’m going to try to post original material in each place from here on out. We’ll see how that works: going rogue seems to be more my strength.

In other Radical news, you can go here for an interview with moi written by Zenith cub reporter Abbey Francis, who made serious effort to make me sound less ungrammatical than I usually do.  Go here for a list of summer reading on Africa compiled by Swarthmore’s Tim Burke (dude, the only book that you cannot leave off this list is Jonny Steinberg’s Sizwe’s Test:  A Young Man’s Journey Through the South African AIDS Epidemic.)

May 9, 2010, 11:59 am

Sunday Radical Roundup: Marry That Book Before She Gets Much Older!

Despite the strange weather, and an oil spill in the Gulf as big as Rhode Island, it’s the beginning of summer break and you know what time it is! Time to get gussied up and get hitched to that book manuscript again! This time the relaitonship will work, I swear: there has been counseling, there are promises not yet broken, and for some of us a new computer will get things started on the right foot. So in the interests of a proper, Connecticut-style traditional wedding, the Radical recommends the following news items to you this week.

Something Old: Looking to warm up by writing an article? Well, look around you and check out who the buildings are named for. At UT-Austin, there is a dormitory named after a member of the Ku Klux Klan, so says Thomas Russell (who used to teach there.) The dorm was built in 1954, and named after a former UT law professor, William Stewart Simkins, who…

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