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December 24, 2012, 3:09 pm

It’s A Very Merry Brooklyn Christmas, You Lousy Bastards

Bo Obama sez: “If you see a Christmas tree coming at you, duck!”

This holiday season finds Tenured Radical well settled into the Brooklyn lifestyle. What am I thinking about on Christmas Eve? Naturally that scene in Betty Smith‘s classic novel¬†¬†A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1943) in which twelve year-old Francie Nolan and her younger brother Neeley win a Christmas tree from the sadistic peddler who throws unsold trees at poor people. If the “customer” doesn’t fall down when hit, the tree is free.

This was the only way Francie was going to get anything at all for Christmas. As devotees of the novel know, Francie’s father Johnny is a charming Irish singing waiter who promises all kinds of grand things. He is also an alcoholic who is more likely to drink up every dollar in his pocket than to make a Christmas for his …

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April 27, 2009, 10:21 pm

“Is That A Kennedy Dog?” And Other Portuguese Water Dog Trivia

“Is that a Kennedy dog?” someone shouted across the park the other day.

“Naw,” I shouted back, to the delight of a number of neighborhood children circling me and my Portuguese Water Dog Breezy on their bikes. “She’s an Obama dog!”

It’s spring in Shoreline –very much so, and the park is filled with elderly people sitting and feeling the breeze, children playing, families having a pizza picnic dinner and canoodlers canoodling. Breezy and I were taking a healthful evening stroll over to the liquor store for supplies that might get yours truly through the rest of the school year, and at least one of us was keeping a sharp eye out for abandoned pizza crusts. Since I can barely bring myself to get in my car in the morning, writing about the academy and it’s various problems is not in the cards this evening. I can, however, meditate just briefly on my life since Bo came home to the White…

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