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March 2, 2012, 6:31 pm

In Case You Missed Rush Limbaugh Calling Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke A Slut

Here it is.

Watching Rush Limbaugh makes me think that the problem with the culture wars is that we on the feminist left spend too much of our energy protesting that we aren’t in a culture war and too little time getting our hands dirty fighting it.

Seriously, Republican Party: ¬†you are going to tell *all* women who want and need access to birth control that they are “sluts” and still expect any woman to vote Republican? Do you expect the men who are in relationships with these women to vote Republican? Have you lost your freaking minds?

Well then, bring it on, boys. Just bring it on. I mean, even Ann Coulter uses birth control.

Addendum: Does anyone but me think it is odd that this obscene Rush Limbaugh clip is preceded by an ad for Disney’s Magic Kingdom?

January 11, 2008, 12:27 am

In Case You Wonder Where Conservatives Come From

Check out the geneology that Anne Coulter provides on her history as a conservative at the on-line publication Human Events: if you don’t want to follow this link to her obituary for/memoir of her father, who passed away last Friday, absorb this final line: “Now Daddy is with Joe McCarthy and Ronald Reagan. I hope they stop laughing about the Reds long enough to talk to God about smiting some liberals for me.”

OK, so this is a bunch who once sent me an email alert that warned “Are you ready for the return of the dark ages?” Which was about the supposed threat that “Islam” posed to “Western Civilization.” But imagining your father in heaven with Joe McCarthy — seriously, Ann? An alcoholic, anti-Communist extremist, and relentless self-promoter who recklessly ruined thousands of people’s lives for no good reason at all except to get on television?

The Republican party cannot be…

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