Women With A Past: Big Berks Day 1

May 22, 2014, 9:03 am

canadian-flagWhy no posting? Where has Tenured Radical been lately?

Just preparing for the most awesome history conference ever!

Yep. It happens every three years, and the time is now. The Sixteenth Berkshire Conference on the History of Women launches today at the University of Toronto. Although we have been an international conference since the 1990s, this is the first time the Big Berks, as it is called, has been held outside the Lower Forty-Eight. Thanks to the heroic efforts of President Franca Iacovetta and her team at the University of Toronto, we have four days of terrific programming and artistic performances.

Today’s program is here. Top five things to know?

  • Online registration is closed, but you can register on site between 8:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. in the Main Floor Foyer, University College, University of Toronto.
  • Our hashtag is #Berks2014. TREND IT! Twitterstorians meet up is at 6 p.m. @ the Pauper’s Pub, 539 Bloor Street West.
  • We are rolling out a new Berkshire Conference of Women Historians website this weekend: as soon as we go live, I will post the link here. Members of our leadership team will be available throughout the conference, beginning today at registration, to get you signed up for the site. Registration for the site is absolutely free: in return for becoming part of our online community, the first 1200 registrants get a purple rubber bracelet that says “The Berks: Women With a Past.” Because at the Berks, we are all about scholarship, and we are all about the swag.
  • After registering for the site, you can also purchase a membership to the Berkshire Conference at a rate that is perfectly scaled to your professional situation. Right now we are still taking payments through RegOnline, but by registering on the new site you can guarantee the seamless and accurate transfer of your contact information to the new site as we shift our payment system there.
  • A welcome reception from 9:00-10:00 in the Great Hall, Hart House, co-sponsored by the Journal of Women’s History.

Things to look forward to? On Saturday afternoon, Knitting Clio and I are hosting the first ever Berks Wikipedia Hackathon. Let’s get women and women historians into Wikpedia, and why not start with your very own mentor? Go here for details, and here for the meet up page.

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