Dept. of Untenured Radicals: Santa Cruz Students on the March

March 7, 2014, 5:06 pm


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Beginning at 3:00 Pacific Time on Wednesday March 5, students at UC Santa Cruz occupied an administration building. When they left the following morning, under their own steam, they chanted “We’ll Be Back!” They probably will: they’ve done it before. Good for you, young people: I thought it was creepy to put someone whose specialty is Homeland Security and border control in charge of a school system too.

Here’s what they want:

1. We demand the resignation or impeachment of Janet Napolitano as
UC President immediately.

2. We demand that next and all future UC presidents be someone who:

a) is elected by students and faculty;
b) has an extensive and positive background in education;
c) works towards completely eliminating student debt through
full subsidization;
d) comes from and has worked with communities in California;
e) supports all programs/resources that serve underrepresented

3. The appointment of Napolitano exposes the undemocratic
process by which the UC system makes decisions. In order to address this structural problem we demand a restructuring of this process which includes:

a) a campus wide election for all future UC regents; this includes
having the ability to nominate, endorse, and campaign for candidates;
b) the power to impeach both UC presidents and regents;
c) a general democratization of the regents to include true participation
by students and faculty in the central decision making processes of the University.

The occupiers also demanded resolution to the stated demands of campus workers.

(HT: Mandy Berry)

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