Random Pieces of Writing Fun

January 31, 2014, 1:00 am

Flying_PigsHere’s a redirect to my book blog where, to celebrate completing another draft chapter, I describe my weird writing process.

You’ve heard the expression “when pigs fly?” Well, the little porkers are fluttering around the Mountain West: Historiann joined Twitter. We expect great things of you, cowgirl, as you are hands down the wittiest woman in the Rockies.

John Fea, who is awesome in so many ways, rented a hotel room and wrote over 30,000 words in a weekend. Over at the #GraftonLine, we are all, like, dude.

It is well known within the four walls of my home that I am Ann Patchett’s biggest fan. Her recent book, This is the Story of A Happy Marriage (Harpers, 2013), a collection of nonfiction essays, is particularly good reading if you are trying to focus on, and think about, your writing. Anyone wishing to make a speech in defense of the humanities will also love Patchett’s speech to the Clemson freshman class as she was being picketed by South Carolinians who got confused and thought she had gotten all gay with Lucy Grealy. If you order from Parnassus Books, Patchett’s Nashville independent bookstore, she will sign it.

Finally, this has nothing to do with writing, but I need to be heard on this one thing. I missed the State of the Union, however I did not miss John Boehner giving a press conference about #SOTU after the Republican retreat today, and if I had an orange face from the fake tanning job he is getting, I would not wear an orange sweater that called attention to it. That is all.

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