AHA Day 3: Remember the Women

January 4, 2014, 7:37 pm

marriedPartly because I was blogging yesterday’s panel and doing a lot of important business, I missed the morning digital history panels I had planned to attend. I then blew off the afternoon DH panel to go to Generations of Women’s History, which was pretty full. Of women. The one I was sitting next to whispered “I have counted about ten men here.” (Um -HMMM. And three of them were gay.)

As you can see from my Storified account below, I did have a few problems with the panel (see tweets below about the dominance of a heteronormative trajectory in some of the reflections.) I actually was called on, and did ask the question, about how the panel might have looked different had it included a lesbian, but it didn’t gain much traction.

That said, the panel had many high points. Darlene Clark Hine and Crystal Feimster were fantastic on the project of contemporary African-American women’s history, and Linda Kerber’s discussion of how the tenure clock interferes with the biological clock was particularly well received in the twitterverse.  This tweet:

Kerber: men with babies 38% more likely to achieve tenure than women w/ babies #feminist #AHA2014

has been retweeted 17 times so far, showing that the issue really hits a sweet spot out there. Furthermore, the hashtag #feminist pulled in a lot of women, several of them journalists, who are not at the conference at all. (Note to self: keep using this hashtag.)

I have Storified my tweets below: thanks to my New School colleague Gail Drakes for supplying a solid list of lesbians of color who might have been on the panel too.

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