Srsly? Notes on Social Media, #2013ASA

November 23, 2013, 12:29 pm

barack-obama-laughingYou may have received something on Facebook today, as well as on Twitter, floating the accusation that my opposition to the academic boycott of Israel being considered by the National Council of #2013ASA is a sham. This opposition is, the messages claims, only an excuse for me to continue an unhealthy and longstanding obsession with a prominent member of the American Studies Association.

This person, it is alleged, was once my friend, but broke off that friendship for unnamed reasons (because I am a psychotic lesbian? Because I have bad politics? Because I am wardrobe challenged? We are taking suggestions in the comments section.) The tweet mentions that this person has blocked me on every electronic media possible, inferring that I have been an e-stalker in the past, and have taken up this deviant behavior again, this time strategizing my cyber-terror through time-consuming arguments on behalf of academic freedom.

Wow. I mean wow. Miss Hellman, I have known you for three decades and you outdo yourself.

File under #lesbianpsychofiction, and go to the Open Discussion of the BDS boycott TODAY, 5-6:45 p.m., International Ballroom East [C], Hilton to state your views on this resolution, whatever position you hold on it. ARRIVE EARLY: speakers’  names will be drawn from a hat.

I hope something is happening at the ASA other than this, for those of you who paid good money to go there for a scholarly meeting.



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