Cyber History Fun in Jinan, China, 2015

August 11, 2013, 12:12 pm

travel-the-world-routes-to-asiaTwo more weeks of vacation — well, that is two more weeks of vacation for most of you. I’m on sabbatical this year, so summer lasts all year here at chez Radical.

But I would like to cheer everyone else up! Here is a fun thing to put on your agenda as you try to distract yourself from going back to work:

Send in a proposal to go to China with me in August 2015! That’s right, yours truly is teamed up with Francis Blouin of the University of Michigan to coordinate an American Historical Association-sponsored program of digital history panels at the 2015 meeting of Le Comité international des sciences historique (CISH) in Jinan. Our CFP (otherwise known as out appel à contribution) is here; submissions are due November 30 2013.

Don’t just fantasize — send something in! If you are planning on submitting a whole panel, remember the “international” part. We are serious about that, and adding one person who is not from the United States won’t cut it.




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