News Flash: Sandy Hook Massacre A Left Wing Hoax

January 30, 2013, 10:17 pm

Were Americans ever this off the rails? I mean ever, in the history of this country?

In case you thought the right wing could get no stranger, a TEA Party dude, gunnie, birther, and blogger named Nathan M. Bickel is forwarding the theory that the Sandy Hook Massacre was an elaborate deception perpetrated by the media and their shadowy liberal allies.  Bickel, who calls Bay City, MI, home. has a second page on a blog devoted to the Lutheran faith. On a third blog, he identifies himself as a former pastor.

Among other feature of this grand hoax which has been an excuse to persecute people who need to defend themselves by firing multiple rounds every second, Bickel argues that:

  • Adam Lanza could not have committed the murders at Sandy Hook because he had died the day before; 
  • Dylan Hockley, one of the murdered children, is still alive;
  • supposedly grieving parents were caught laughing and smirking after the event, some accompanying their “dead” children to events with President Obama;
  • several hundred actors (perhaps close to a thousand if you count fake EMTs, fake police, and other fake first responders) were hired by ________ to perpetrate this deception. They are the same conspiracists who engineered the “illegitimate” election of Barack Obama in November.

Proof? Photoshopped images like the one above. But who needs proof, when you know that the government itself is illegitimate? Today’s post features a video of the abandoned Sandy Hook Elementary School and asks:

Will this school building where the supposed massacre took place, be the future scene of a government demolition? Will the building parts be dumped in some ocean waters such as the supposed dead body of Muslim terrorist, Bin Laden? If such should transpire; will the ceremony action [again] be shrouded in secrecy?

Name one thing that is lower than insisting that parents have lied about the death of their six year-olds, shot in cold blood. Just one. Except that he must really believe this thing for which there is no evidence!

Off the rails.


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