Because You Don’t Wanna Be *That* Colleague, Do Ya?

December 13, 2012, 11:39 am

You aren’t *that* colleague, are you? The one who mansplains your way through the gender studies search, having proofread your daughter’s feminist theory take-home final but not the actual applications? The one who is sure that your seminars are so drastically under-enrolled because you are such a demanding teacher and everyone else int eh department has given in to political correctness/grade inflation/fashion?  The colleague who always needs a ride — but never gives one? And never asks for that ride until it’s time to go home? The colleague who is always late to a meeting because you have something (unnamed) that is more important? The one who has no advisees because all of your hours are by appointment only and you “don’t do email”?

Of course you aren’t. So you will really enjoy this end of semester crowd pleasing essay as you wade your way through grading, job applications and end of term committee meetings. It’s from — um — “The Woman In Your Department Who Does All Your Committee Work.” It was written by Sophia Gould in 2010, and here’s a taste:

As you recall, you agreed to chair our hiring committee, but since I know you’re “bad with paperwork and deadlines” I will continue to fill out the “administrative paperwork” that amounts to reading and summarizing all 300 applications (or twelve feet of paper) for you. When we meet to discuss candidates, I will count on your voicing your commitment to affirmative action, as well as your support of young men who write about young men, unless they are too talented, in which case you’d prefer a woman who will do all of your committee work.

And of course, this is not about you — so enjoy. (Hat tip to our Midwestern Stringer for the link.)

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