Yes Virginia, I Really Publish On Paper Too

March 19, 2012, 7:29 pm

Today my editor wrote to say that he was actually holding our new book in his hand! It was the hardback edition, which I think is worth your eyeteeth to own if you are not on a library acquisitions budget.  Soon, however, the University of Georgia Press will be rolling out and shipping copies of Doing Recent History: On Privacy, Copyright, Video Games, Institutional Review Boards, Activist Scholarship, and History That Talks Back for the mean, lean paperback price of $22.95.  Reserve yours by clicking the link above; by going to Powell’s (where you can see the whole table of contents and register to win free books by commenting on ours); or Amazon (where you save no money, get no table of contents, but may qualify for free shipping.)

Better yet, why don’t you mosey into your local independent and/or university bookstore and say, “YO! Where’s that book edited by Potter and Romano I’ve been hearin’ so much about? Can you order me up one?”

A volume in our co-edited series, Since 1970:  Histories of Contemporary America, Doing Recent History was edited by Renee C. Romano and moi. It includes essays by Eileen Boris and Jennifer Klein, David Greenberg, Julius Bailey, Gail Drakes, Shelley Lee, Laura Clark Brown and Nancy Kaiser, Alice Yang and Alan Christy, Jeremy Saucier, Martin Meeker, and Willoughby Anderson.

And us, of course.  Me and Renee.  We have three pieces in between the two of us, which is the kind of rank you can pull if you are editors. Word has it that Doing Recent History may be ready in time for the Organization of American Historians annual meeting in Milwaukee; roll over to the Georgia booth and say hi.

If you are in the New York area, keep your ears peeled for an event at the New School on Thursday, May 3. I’ll be tweeting it when it is firmed up, but we hope to have several of the contributors there to talk about what we did — and what we plan to do in the future.

While you wait, here’s a video, courtesy of Renee, to give you a little preview of what the book, and our recent history project, is all about:

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