Disciplining Your Class: How Not To Go About It

November 18, 2010, 3:28 am

Mark P. Talbert, a senior lecturer at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, is having a bad week.  Not only did he go berserk in front of his class, the episode was recorded by a university video system, which means the quality is better than what is produced by your average cell phone held in the air by a student.  Oh yeah, and it also means the tape is in possession of university officials, who are investigating, according to Inside Higher Ed.  Talbert’s little breakdown was triggered by a very loud, and I suppose facetious, yawn.  Roll the videotape!

If it isn’t bad enough that Talbert exposed his students to this ill-humored rant (my favorite part is where he tells the class that they are just going to stay there until the culprit confesses), he has now exposed himself to the slings and arrows of everyone on the Internet too, and many of them are ROTFLTAO.  A discussion of the merits of losing your $hit in front of an entire class appended to the YouTube posting include one gem that will keep me laughing all day tomorrow:  “OMG i wonder what he would do if someone farted…I think he would kill all of them. lol.”

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