Annals of Contemporary History; or, Queering the Klan

February 26, 2010, 3:41 pm

Are you one of the sickos who cheered when Joseph Stack flew his plane into the federal building in Austin last week? Of course not. According to the Washington Post on February 22 2009, although most of us were horrified by this cruel and violent act, “his suicide mission has clearly tapped a vein of rage among anti-tax, anti-government extremists.”

The way they see it, ‘he did the ultimate flipping of the bird to the man,’ said JJ MacNab, a Maryland-based insurance analyst who is writing a book about tax protesters. ‘He stuck it to the man, and they love that.’

It is not surprising Stack would be portrayed as a hero on fringe Web sites such as, a forum for white supremacists. But admirers also are expressing their appreciation on mainstream sites such as Facebook, where a fan page supporting some of the things he said in his six-page manifesto had more than 2,000 members Monday.

Definitely be a fan of that page if you want to be in the same moral category as Al-Qaeda and members of Stormfront. As it turns out, the latter group is not an organization at all, but a white supremacist social networking site offering “White Pride — World Wide.” I couldn’t find the messages about Stack, but I could find help on how you can get connected to your local Klavern, tips on how to find out the real truth about Ann Frank, and dating advice.

Just for giggles, I also checked out Stormfront’s Homosexuality discussion board. As it turns out, White Nationalists have no consensus on homosexuality, and one guesses that all of those strapping, Aryan Nation dudes who have been or are incarcerated may be genuinely torn on the topic. As Transhuman notes, “Personally it’s not the fact they are gay I take issue with. It’s the fact they use their sexual orientation as [a] weapon to become race traitors and act as a social marxist battering ram against their own people, for jews.” Ze continues: “All the big gay rights organizations are jewish owned and led. The Frankfurt school stated they would use ‘minority’ groups such as gays to be political troops in their war on the White race….If Whites who are gay want to support and fight for the race, I have no problem with that. I consider homosexuality to be a natural reality of orientation. It’s part of nature it’s always been and always will.” (Editor’s note: I corrected the spelling on this and other entries for legibility. You are on your own with this reading of the Frankfurt School, however.)

I consider this to be a remarkably open minded view for a white supremacist, minus the anti-semitic rant. Differently, forum member madnessmasha points out that “They cannot continue our race, which makes them ‘genetically’ inferior. Plus, they all tend to be radical liberals that want nothing to do with our cause.” This strikes me as a more pragmatic approach to the issue. But, as Holy Roman Emperor points out a few comments down, “How can you say that they have ‘chosen’ a lifestyle and in the next breath say that they are ‘genetically’ inferior?” madnessmasha, who turns out to be a chick, replies with some regret: “I guess I didn’t think it through? I’m just thinking, suppose I decided to become a lesbian. The probability of me reproducing for the greater good is cut in, over half I’m sure. I’m not real educated in this field. But my aunt is gay, and she adopted a baby from China.”

Sabaren chimes in that being gay or lesbian really isn’t a choice: “I believe it is wrong,” s/he writes, “but I believe they have their basic human right to formulate their own beliefs as well. What you… must realize is that this forum is heavily right wing, and homosexual rights is lobbied by the same people who want us suppressed or exterminated. Homosexuals posting here would be as awkward as me wearing a swastika to a Hollywood screening party. It’s just highly out of place.”

Agreed. Also it would be out of place to wear a swastika to my house, so if I have invited you here in the near future, please do not.

Scroll down this exchange if you are really interested in following up on these ideas. While some commenters are utterly grossed out by homosexuals, as it turns out, the majority of white nationalists seem to be surprisingly liberal on homosexuality. Consensus is that, despite sodomy (I do not think they are clear that the same acts performed heterosexually are also sodomy but perhaps I am wrong), our unfortunate association with the Jews and our propensity to organize inappropriately, white nationalists mostly come down on the side of tolerance and understanding. As Adam79 notes, “They apperently dont have a choice in the matter (It’s genetic). Personally, I find the whole idea absolutely repulsive,but if that is the way they are wired? Just as long as there is not alot of promotion of it in society ie. we dont want men becoming effeminate, little fairies who cant fight in wars. Keep it at a minimum and behind closed doors.” And a member of European Americans United points out that it is no wonder that queers are so liberal “considering the treatment right-wingers have given them. They’re not all bad people, they just let their sexual-business define them instead of being defined by themselves as a person.”

I’m thinking if white supremacists can come around even a little bit on homosexuality, the Republican Party could too. Don’t you?

**(And where did I get the awesome picture? From this website.)**

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