It’s A Radical New Year!

January 1, 2009, 3:16 pm

I awoke this morning, read a couple June Jordan essays (now there’s a woman who could be a blogger), and opened my email to find that:

Tenured Radical has won the Cliopatria Award for Best Post of 2008! The post was published on June 19, and is entitled What Would Natalie Zemon Davis Do? A Few Meditations on Women’s History and Women in History.

Wow! OK, I’m not going to embarrass you by doing a Sally Field. But sincere thanks go to the judges for including me in a group of prize-winning bloggers I couldn’t admire more. And a special thanks and Happy 2009 to Ralph Luker and all the guys at last year’s AHA Cliopatria dinner who were so welcoming in 2008.

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