Internet Kudo of The Week: Canada Speaks

August 8, 2008, 1:45 pm

Knock me out with a wooden spoon, but a quick check to the sitemeter this morning elicited the information that your favorite Radical has been noted on a list of Top Academic Blogs by, a Canadian on-line magazine that describes itself as “Canada’s site celebrating women over 40.” The Radical is joined in the top three by two of her own favorite bloggers, Margaret Soltan of University Diaries; and her second favorite dean, Dean Dad, at Confessions of a Community College Dean(as regular readers know, my favorite dean is my very own dean.) But this is excellent company indeed, particularly for a historian, whose lack of talent for punctuation is a continual shame to her, and makes her reluctant to even send email to members of English departments, much less be put in the same category as Margaret Soltan’s alter-blogging-ego, the Scathing Online Schoolmarm.

This is particularly welcome news since — to unveil a personal factoid that has gone unrevealed on the internet up to this very moment — the Radical is, in fact, half Canadian, and the daughter of a naturalized citizen who still prefers to celebrate Dominion Day over Independence Day.

I am, therefore, especially honored by this recognition from My People.

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