At Last…….

December 4, 2007, 4:32 pm

Tenured Radical, and yours truly, have been linked to the National Review, courtesy of the Blog Whose Name We Dare Not Speak. How brilliant. And in the week I was teaching the Reagan Revolution too. Woo-hoo! I am definitely moving up the conservative food chain. My grandfather, a great admirer of William F. Buckley, and who never missed Firing Line if he could help it, would have been proud.

Do you think there will be a bump in tee shirt sales?

I hope my regular readers are not too dismayed that I am not letting through the comments from the People With Balls and Sticks: maybe I’ll post a selection at some point, so you can get the general idea. Most of them are the same. Some of them –purportedly from different authors — are the same. Or you can go to the Ur-Blog and read them yourself.

But let me just say that, although the NR author, Mark Bauerlein (who is a tenured professor in the English Department at Emory) says that the “tone of smug nastiness” I employ at Tenured Radical “only comes with tenure,” it absolutely does not. In fact, by the look of things, smug nastiness is so pervasive that they must be selling it at Wal-Mart. Go to the Ur-Blog and read the comments. Those people do not, I think, have tenure. They spit on tenure. Phth-tooey! They wipe their shoes on tenure! And probably various body parts too!

And I thought I had nothing to blog about today.

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