And Now For Something Completely Different

June 23, 2007, 2:27 am

If you go to the ever-fabulous Lesboprof, you will see that you can get your blog rated. Hers is rated R.

So I went to Mingle 2, which is actually a dating site that does this on the side, and found out that:

OK. So I was feeling a little downcast, as I am very competitive, even with people I do not know, and I thought: what is Lesboprof doing that I’m not doing? (Probably many things, come to think of it: she’s considerably younger, and you will notice which one of us is up blogging on a Friday night and which one of us is not.)

Then I looked at the justification for my rating and saw “dick x 4, dead x 2, sex x 1.” And I thought, that I should have used the word dead seems reasonable: dead tired, dead wood, whatever. And sex only once? Not so bad. I would have thought more, since I teach the history of sex. But “dick?” OK, I would say it but I wouldn’t write it down. Was this in my pseudonymous days, that I referred to someone or ones — colleagues, students, strangers, people who spam my blog over imagined slights — as “dicks?”

Then I recalled my last post. Mingle2 is referring to my discussions of the Vice President of the United States. So only my invocation of this truly obscene man, who once flung the F-word at that lovely Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) on the Senate floor, has saved me from being right down there with Shreck III and Evan Almighty.

Don’t you just love the internet?

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