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November 9, 2011, 7:07 am

Suffer and permit

I know everyone has to have a take on the story of the multiple child rapes, and the cover ups, occurring for years on the Penn State campus, but so far, the higher education venues have been lacking. Inside Higher Ed’s focus on handling the media crisis is just plain weak, and I am usually an IHE fan. Even the Chronicle has looked for more oblique stories: “how is the campus handling thisthe student protestthe board statement…” This is a truly disgusting story of people on a campus ignoring repeated evidence, sometimes happening RIGHT IN FRONT OF EMPLOYEES. Only Chronicle bloggers get the story, like Michele Goodwin of Brainstorm directly takes on the campus administration’s priorities in dealing with this matter or Chronicle editorial writer Molly Yanity’s critique of the initial failure of ESPN and other sports writers to see the gravity of the story.

If you read the

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August 30, 2007, 5:02 am

To be or not to be… out

When I do lectures about lesbian/gay/bisexual (LGB) issues for students, I often discuss the challenges of “being out.” I explain that it is relatively impossible in our heterosexist culture to just make a declaration one time that one is LGB and be done with it. Society asserts that everyone is heterosexual, and most people operate from that default. As a result, most LGB folks have to come out over and over again.

This also holds true for LGB faculty members. There are many methods and venues in which a LGB faculty member can be out in academe, which lead to a constant series of choices to be made throughout one’s career. So far, I have been employed as an assistant/associate professor in academe less than 10 years. In that time, I have had to decide:

  • whether to come out to the search committee
  • whether to disclose to the chair/dean, ask for accommodations for a partner or push for…

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