Are Entitled To Against Every Government On Earth

February 6, 2014, 7:56 am

I have some suggestions for Constitutional amendments:

The 28th Amendment:

The right of the people to move freely about the United States shall not be abridged by the federal government or the states.


The 29th Amendment:

The people shall have full ownership and control of their own personal information.

Why. Also why.

The 30th Amendment:

The right of an adult to vote shall not be abridged for any reason.


The 31st Amendment:

Corporations are not people and shall not be treated as such, especially by the ^$*&^^%$&%& SUPREME COURT!.


The 32nd Amendment:

The President of the United States shall be elected by direct vote of the people of all the states [updated!] and areas over which the United States has jurisdiction.*


Call them a mini-Bill-of-Rights, one for the 21st century.

(The title is part of a Jefferson quote about the original Bill of Rights.)

*E.G. The District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, etc. Amendment suggested by John Schmitt,

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