Wait, What? You Can’t Have Poor People Doing This!

November 20, 2013, 1:59 pm

Sebastian Thrun, he of the MOOC evangelism:

The way Fast Company has it, Thrun chucks those San Jose State students under the self-driving Google car faster than he chugs up a hill on his custom-made road bike, leaving a panting Max Chafkin in the dust to ponder the following Thrunism: “These were students from difficult neighborhoods, without good access to computers, and with all kinds of challenges in their lives. … It’s a group for which this medium is not a good fit.”

Marie Antoinette called and wants her cake back.*

Oh, go and read Rebecca Schuman’s article. She does a much more extended job of demolishing him.

*Yes, I know it’s likely that she never said the cake thing. They also didn’t have phones in 18th century France, making it hard for her to call. Finally, she’s dead.

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