Small Things Give Away Much

January 16, 2013, 6:28 pm

Last Friday, on my way to the Library of Congress to do some research, I passed this protest getting organized. Naturally, because this blog is all about breaking news (well, for a historian, mentioning it less a week later constitutes ‘breaking’), I took photographs:

Photo 1

The discussion over Guantanamo has been loud and heated over the decade and more of its existence, but I will note two small things I think give away a lot. First, the prisoners were put at Guantanamo largely so as to avoid the legal oversight of the US justice system and keep those prisoners outside of the law. Second, those prisoners at Guantanamo were tortured but the United States could not call it that for a long time, instead cloaking the torture in euphemisms.

If you look closely at the photographs, you will see that what looks like the front of the Supreme Court building is, in fact, a giant facade covering extensive construction work. There’s a metaphor there.

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