Logistics! Not the UPS Kind.

November 29, 2012, 4:26 pm

SupplyroughseasH-War is running a roundtable on military logistics, both historically, and in the modern world. The introduction (by Jill Russell, the convener) is here, and discusses the importance of studying the movement of materiel:

Shaking off its dull and drab reputation, logistics has arrived upon the
contemporary historical and analytical stage with emphasis and perhaps a small
amount of dash. Nowhere is this point more clear than in the publication of a
work like _The Box: How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the
World Economy Bigger_, Marc Levinson’s study arguing the revolutionary changes
wrought by the containerization of global trade. On the world stage, there is a
rising tide of writing on the subject, such as the many articles discussing
logistics as the key issue for any exit from Afghanistan. That logistics is
most assuredly on the ascendant in contemporary military affairs, both as a
significant practice for the institutions and as a topic of discussion and
review, cannot be denied. As the historical practice is often informed by the
issue context of the present, there are many reasons to expect to see soon
a rise in logistics as the subject matter of scholarship.

The roster of those discussing it:

John Kuehn, PhD, Command and General Staff School
Jennifer Daley, PhD Candidate, Kings College London
Russell Hart, PhD, Hawaii Pacific University
Bianka Adams, PhD, Historian for US Army Corps of Engineers
Dan Whittingham, Postdoctoral Fellow, Kings College London

John Kuehn’s contribution, on logistcs and naval history, is up, and as further arrive over the next few days, they will be found here.

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