Patriotism! With Bananas

November 6, 2012, 8:15 pm

BananasIn 1917, Arden Andrews went to enlist in the US Navy, to help fight World War I. He was 17 years old, and, unfortunately, underweight. His daughter wrote of it later:

When Arden tried to enlist in the Navy late in 1917, he was turned down because he was 3 pounds under the minimum weight requirement. He promptly went to the nearest grocery store, bought 4 pounds, (just to be sure) and sat down on the curb and ate them.[1]

Returning to the enlistment office, he was weighed again and found just over the minimum. Bananas, it seemed, had saved the day.

[1] Library of Congress, Veterans History Project, AFC 2001/001/3046 Andrews, Arden Dudley, Memoirs.

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