No, I Meant the Other Germany of the 1930s

May 25, 2012, 2:27 am

Grover Norquist, bailing on Rhodesia for a moment to point out that he wasn’t invoking the Nazis with his recent comment:

‘My criticism of our friend Mr. Schumer was that his bill was similar to the German legislation from the ’30s,’ Norquist said in a phone interview. ‘He’s the guy who yelled Nazi. I didn’t say Nazi. I didn’t say National Socialist.’

‘I never said Nazi,’ Norquist told TPM. “I’m tired of liberals saying “you called me a Nazi!” I was talking about the Weimar Republic bill. I didn’t say it was like fascist Nazi Germany.”

Well, all righty, then. Afterwards, Norquist returned his attention to Rhodesia to point out that he was talking about the post-1977 period, and specifically, the first three months of 1978, mostly the second Tuesday of that March.

Next up: Ken Bennett, the Secretary of State of Arizona, explains how the Barack Obama whose birth he was questioning was not President Barack Obama, but someone entirely different with the same name.

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