Community organizer=sucker?

September 4, 2008, 8:11 am

The great Jay Smooth points out that the GOP suddenly hates “community organizers”—even though the “base” basically are community organizers. Is this a semantic issue? Does the term “community organizer” actually derive from some different set of historical circumstances, such that it has a lineage separate from what it is that conservative community organizers do?

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Smooth: “The difference between a community organizer and a politician is that community organizers are the ones who take the responsibility upon themselves to help their fellow citizens without the benefit of a government budget behind them…. which is what allows you politicians to be able to go on tv and brag about how this is the greatest country in the world. And for you to go on that tv show and spit in those people’s faces for the sake of a rhetorical flourish is disgusting.”

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