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September 23, 2008, 10:53 am

Speaking of grading…

…it’s not really good to farm out your grading tasks to a person who is not an employee of your university, as one faculty member at  IU-South Bend apparently has done:

Professor Otis B. Grant faces sanctions as a result of student complaints that he allowed a nonemployee to grade student work and access student academic records, a potential violation of federal privacy laws.

Students also complained that Grant used foul language in class, improperly canceled classes and dismissed two students from a course without due process.

The investigation did not determine the identity of Riane Hunter, the name used by a woman who identified herself as Grant’s graduate assistant. Students said she graded and signed their academic papers and sent instructions to the class from Grant’s campus e-mail address.

No one named Riane Hunter is employed by IUSB or has ever been enrolled at any IU…

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August 30, 2008, 2:58 pm

An outside look at college football

At Culture11, Alex Massie muses on an unlikely sports obsession for a Scotsman: American college football. Here’s one of several insightful observations, appropriate for this opening day of the season:

There is [a] permanence to college football that is comparable to European soccer or rugby. True, sports teams in Europe have owners, but their sides are held in trust, beholden to the supporters and the communities that hold them dear. It is all but unthinkable that their teams could be moved as a result of an owner’s whim. Even in an age in which sport has become big business, there’s an identity and belonging that endures, rooted in a keen sense of place. College fans know this feeling, because it is their feeling too.

Read the whole thing. It makes me think back to the four years I lived in South Bend in my first job out of graduate school. Those Saturdays when there was a Notre…

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March 27, 2008, 10:59 am

Hillary rejected in South Bend on educational grounds

Indiana, usually a non-factor in Presidential politics because the lateness of our primary, has suddenly become a hot place to visit by Democratic candidates. But it looks like Hillary will have to keep on looking for a place to stop in South Bend tomorrow:

South Bend school officials have rejected a request by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to hold a rally in the Washington High School gym on Friday.

South Bend Community School Corp. board President Sheila Bergerson says Clinton’s visit would have interfered with the school day. She says plans called for juniors and seniors to attend the public rally.

School board members denied the request Wednesday night. Bergerson says she worried that the school corporation would give the impression it was endorsing Clinton.

Kudos to Washington HS for saying “no” to a disruption in the school day. And anyway, how is it that Presidential…

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