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September 12, 2011, 7:30 am

Instigation capital

I’m reading Poke the Box right now, an interesting monograph by Seth Godin on the power of initiative and risk-taking. One of the concepts he invents in the book is “instigation capital”:

What can you invest? What can your company invest?

  • Financial capital—Money in the bank that can be put to work on a project or investment.
  • Network capital—People you know, connections you can make, retailers and systems you can plug into.
  • Intellectual capital—Smarts. Software systems. Access to people with insight.
  • Physical capital—Plant and machinery and tools and trucks.
  • Prestige capital—Your reputation.
  • Instigation capital—The desire to move forward. The ability and the guts to say yes.

– Godin, Seth (2011). Poke the Box (p. 12). The Domino Project. Kindle Edition.

He goes on to say that instigation capital is the most important kind of capital in the new economy,…

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