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October 18, 2007, 7:09 pm

Dual enrollment in the blogosphere

The other day I linked to this article on dual enrollment and briefly explained why I support dual enrollment programs. It turns out that there’s at least one blog entirely devoted to dual enrollment. The name — “Concrurrent Enrollment” — isn’t very catchy, but the content seems good (and that’s better than the other way around). High school students who are dually enrolled, or thinking about it, and their parents might find it worthwhile to check out. There’s quite a bit of controversy and/or politics involved and it’s often not as easy as it could be.

October 17, 2007, 11:03 am

Wednesday link-fest

You know, there’s some good stuff showing up in my RSS reader once I get a chance to read it:

  • There’s a 21-page paper titled “Are There Infinitely Many Primes?” over at arXiv. How do you write 21 pages on a question that was answered “yes” about 2500 years ago? You’ll have to go see for yourself.
  • xkcd turns the Turing Test around.
  • IHE has this article on dual enrollment (high school students taking college courses) and its benefits. I agree. I’ve been involved with a dual-enrollment program at my college, and I’m definitely preferring this approach over taking a so-called AP course taught and designed outside the auspices of a college that may or may not prepare students well for actual college courses.
  • Dana Huff is wondering whether there are programs out there that will donate laptops to teachers. There’s this program from the One Laptop Per Child project, but I’ve not seen a…

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