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March 26, 2008, 5:24 am

Back to the future

Via Slashdot, here’s an article from Modern Mechanix magazine from 1968 (complete with the original article scanned in) predicting what life will be like in 2008. The technological predictions are often surprisingly accurate:

The single most important item in 2008 households is the computer. These electronic brains govern everything from meal preparation and waking up the household to assembling shopping lists and keeping track of the bank balance. Sensors in kitchen appliances, climatizing units, communicators, power supply and other household utilities warn the computer when the item is likely to fail. A repairman will show up even before any obvious breakdown occurs.

Computers also handle travel reservations, relay telephone messages, keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, compute taxes and even figure the monthly bills for electricity, water, telephone and other utilities. Not…

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