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March 8, 2007, 3:32 pm

Life’s good in LaTeX-land

First of all, I finally got LaTeX-iT to work again. For some reason (I think it was because I was in a faculty meeting and bored), I just opened the program to see what would happen. I noticed that LaTeX-iT has a “History” feature which stores recently-typeset equations.

Picture 2-6

And for some reason, I thought that maybe there was something wonky stuck in the History folder that was causing the recurring crashes. So I cleared the History, and it all works now. What I did in the first place, or even if that line of reasoning is correct, I have no idea. Don’t care. I’m just glad to have the program back because it’s better than typesetting in a LaTeX document and cutting/pasting.

Secondly, I’ve been demoing Textmate and have been remembering what it’s like to use a really nice text editor. I’m fine with using a “just OK” text editor like the one that comes with OS X, but what drew my interest …

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