Weekend reading (April 4)

April 4, 2014, 10:00 am

3283750854_5beaf38c6f_mFrom around the interwebs this week:

Wired Campus reports on how taking notes by hand benefits recall. I’ve believed in this for years. One thing I’d have liked the article to mention is that “writing longhand” and using a computer are not mutually exclusive – I take almost all my notes from meetings, reading, and talks longhand on my iPad using Notability and a Boxwave stylus.

Software developer Jason Lewis has a well-thought-out post on computational literacy and learning math. From the article: “If we want kids to code, we must not only allow them to apply that knowledge whenever and wherever the opportunity arises, we must also train teachers to always and everywhere encourage the application of computational thinking (as well as programming) to whatever problem set presents itself as a viable candidate.” In other words, teach the teachers first.

A while back I linked to a post on the 2-minute rule, which is the cornerstone of the Getting Things Done (GTD) time management philosophy. But if you’re wondering what GTD is in the first place, at Lifehacker there’s an excellent primer of the entire GTD system. Read this and then go read David Allen’s book.

At Wired, here are three ways you can make a Chromebook feel more like a “real” laptop. The last one (remote desktop) is probably the most compelling.

Last year I made the leap from an iPhone to an Android smartphone, namely the HTC One, and I’ve been very happy with it. Gizmodo has the review on this year’s HTC One update.

Next week I hope, um, to post the stuff I promised I’d post this week. Also, about the comment thread to my article from Tuesday: We need to talk.



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