Weekend reading

January 24, 2014, 8:03 am

Here are some items from around the web for your weekend enjoyment.


  • Here’s a great post on Medium by Nik Custodio in which he explains Bitcoin like I’m five. I think the audience level here is rather older than five, but it’s still probably the best explanation of the problems that Bitcoin attempts to solve, and how it solves them, that I’ve seen. (I wasn’t sure whether to file this under “Math” or “Technology” because it’s a lot of both.)


  • If you’ve ever been interested in standards-based grading, you won’t want to miss Kate Owens’ post An Adventure in Standards-Based Calculus where she lays out why, and bits about “how”, she intends to use SBG in her Calculus 2 course this semester. Don’t miss the link to George McNulty’s calc 2 syllabus at the end, which is a great example of how to use SBG in actual practice.
  • Good report from The Atlantic on American colleges’ obsession with “leadership”. What does this term mean in the higher education sense? Does it mean anything? Nice comparison here between American and English notions of education.
  • The film “Ivory Tower”, which debuted at the Sundance Festival this year, looks interesting.


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