Dolphins and cameras

May 31, 2007, 9:56 pm

Here’s the highlight of my day at the zoo with the girls:

This was taken from the underwater observation deck in the dolphin exhibit. Those dolphins were literally inches away from us when they came back under water. The entire underwater area is big, consisting of three wide hallways and a large central hub, and you can see the entire dolphin habitat there. How cool is that?

Technology note — this video was shot using my Canon PowerShot A70, a still camera that’s ancient about four years old (with a once-cutting-edge 3.2 megapixels). This video wasn’t on the highest possible resolution (on that setting videos max out at 30 seconds in length) but I think the quality is pretty impressive. I think it even beats the fancy and expensive hard drive camcorder we recently bought, at least once the video is put on the web. Plus, it’s smaller, more durable, and doesn’t have crappy battery life. For high-quality video footage I want to archive or make into a movie, I’ll use the expensive camcorder. But for little videos I just want to put on a blog, the still camera seems the way to go.

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