December 11, 2006, 11:55 am

I will be taking a hiatus from Casting Out Nines, starting now and continuing until further notice.

First of all, it’s finals week and the workload is too heavy for me to justify posting. There’s also the issue of our impending trip to China, which is forcing a lot of the work I would normally have done in January up into the last bit of December. So for the next several weeks — possibly for the foreseeable future — my posting to this blog is having a direct, negative effect on serving my college and my students.

Secondly, and more importantly, it’s come to my attention that this blog is having a strongly negative effect on my relationships with my students and on the way that the general public is viewing my college. Earlier in the semester, one of my students approached me about one of the articles I’d posted and we chatted, I felt productively about some misconceptions that I had caused through it. But evidently it goes farther than just this one student. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that although I had no intention of doing so, many of my posts have caused ill will and have in fact hurt many of my students who can find themselves in the words that I wrote.

This fact is greatly distressing to me. My goal all along as a professor — indeed, the reason I became a professor in the first place — has been to connect with college-aged students and help them chart their course into a life of learning and excellence. I had hoped at its inception that CO9s could be, among other things, a place where students could complement what they get in the classroom with some behind-the-scenes thoughts from me. Unfortunately, instead what has happened is exactly the opposite of what I intended. I place no blame on anybody but myself for this effect, and I am ceasing writing on the blog immediately until it’s clear that what I write has a positive, productive effect on my students no matter who they are and no matter what level they are operating at.

I have carefully gone back at least halfway through the archives and removed some of the more offensive or overly-revealing posts from the blog. I am leaving the rest up as a searchable archive. At some point in the future I may continue posting here. But I am not certain when that will be — certainly not until I can align my blogging with my personal goals for teaching and the hopes that I have for my students.

Thanks to all for reading.

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