Spending Shifts as Colleges Compete on Students' Comfort

Spending Shifts as Colleges Compete on Students’ Comfort 1

Ross Mantle for The Chronicle

“The small town and the rural location is one of the major contributors on the attrition side,” says Scott Miller, president of Bethany College. “So it’s up to us to be more responsive to our consumers and our marketplace, to provide greater activities outside of the classroom.”

When someone stops by Bethany College, claiming that they’re just passing through, Scott D. Miller knows they’re lying. This West Virginia college, where he has been president since 2007, is only 39 miles from Pittsburgh, but it’s a long 39 miles, down one of three winding country roads. (There was a fourth road some years ago, but when a bridge on that route washed out in a rainstorm, state officials didn’t bother replacing it.)