• December 19, 2014

Volume 60, Issue 24: February 28, 2014


The Chronicle Review

  • The Marriage Paradox

    There’s nothing like a holiday dinner with one’s first, second, and third wives to prompt reflections on love, lies, and self-deception.

  • The Economic Logic of the Humanities Premium Link

    The arts and sciences have long been seen as a necessary component of a wealthy and stable society.

  • Four Myths About Poverty

    Entrenched interests would have us believe it is inevitable, natural, complicated, and too expensive to eliminate. Don't be fooled.

  • Gatsby's New York State of Mind Premium Link

    Sarah Churchwell's Careless People seeks to ground Fitzgerald’s classic 
    in newsy context. But was it ever meant to be grounded?

  • Non-Critical Thinking in China Premium Link

    In China, a class in “critical thinking” involves anything but.

  • Gloom and Doom in the Review

    "I’m fed up with this kind of pseudoshocking revisionism romanticizing the alleged virtues of frazzled nerves and melancholy."


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