Wayne State U. Puts Its Hopes, and Its Money, Into Detroit

Wayne State Puts Its Hopes, and Its Money, Into Detroit 1

Fabrizio Costantini for The Chronicle

Cary Glazer is one of the Wayne State police officers who patrol the university's Midtown Detroit neighborhood as well as the campus. Their presence has helped make the area safer than much of the rest of the city.

Wayne State University's police chief, Anthony Holt, might strike some as an unlikely shepherd of the Detroit economy. The 35-year veteran of the campus police force wears big glasses and a thick mustache. He won't say how much he bench presses, but he wins bets on it.

In a conference room at Wayne State police headquarters, Mr. Holt leads officers, local business owners, and academics through a biweekly breakdown of recent crime in the Midtown neighborhood, which surrounds the