Using the Web, Students Ask ‘Crowd’ to Help Pay for College


Mark Abramson for The Chronicle

Jennifer Davis, a senior at Ursinus College, talks with her boss at one of several jobs she holds to help 
make ends meet. A campaign on GoFundMe, a crowd-sourcing website, has allowed her to pay for 
this semester. Still, she says she "hated the fact that this was all making me feel like a charity case."

Nearing her final semester at Ursinus College, Jennifer Davis didn’t know if she would reach the finish line. Despite working four part-time jobs and having secured a patchwork of loans, merit scholarships, and need-based aid, as of December she was still about $1,500 short.

Taking on another job wasn’t an option for Ms. Davis, a first-generation student from Pottsville, Pa. She’d already planned to give up the best-paying one because it conflicted with her class