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Updates on Capital Campaigns at 36 Colleges and Universities

The University of Texas at Austin took in $134.5-million in capital campaign donations during the second quarter of 2010, ranking first among institutions surveyed by The Chronicle. The increase put Texas 40 percent of the way toward making its $3-billion goal by 2014.

Texas has the sixth-largest capital campaign in the country. But the college was one of three institutions responding to The Chronicle's survey, along with Boston College and Rutgers University, that is still short of the halfway mark for its campaign goal. (Rutgers went public with its campaign in October.)

David Onion, associate vice president for development, said Texas was "a little behind the pace that we desire" to meet the 2014 end date, but the university was fortunate to have the large support received so far, given the tough economy.

Mr. Onion said that during the economic downturn, people have been less likely to make stock gifts. Donors, he said, have been making smaller gifts, and have made more planned gifts than in the past.

"We have an aggressive goal," he said. "We have high aspirations and we believe in high standards, but we'll get there."

Of the 36 institutions conducting $1-billion or greater capital campaigns, 24 responded to The Chronicle's survey. The University of Nebraska and Princeton University made the biggest strides toward completion in the second quarter, moving from 60 percent to 68 percent complete and 64 percent to 71 percent complete, respectively.

In addition to Rutgers, two other universities—Texas Tech University and the University of California at Davis—recently went public with $1-billion plus campaigns.

Colleges conducting $1-billion or greater campaigns are welcome to send details about their efforts to data@chronicle.com.

$1-Billion Capital Campaigns at 36 Colleges and Universities

College Campaign goal Cumulative amount raised through second quarter of 2010 Percentage of goal raised Date drive expected to end Total raised in the second quarter of 2010
Stanford U. $4.3-billion $4,483,000,000 3 104% 12/31/11 n/a
Columbia U. $4.0-billion $3,631,000,000 91% 12/31/11 n/a
Cornell U. $4.0-billion $2,698,500,000 1 67% 12/31/11 n/a
U. of Pennsylvania $3.5-billion $2,631,000,000 2 75% 6/30/12 n/a
Yale U. $3.5-billion $2,866,000,000 2 82% 12/31/11 n/a
City U. of New York $3.0-billion $1,521,000,000 4 51% 12/31/15 n/a
State U. of New York $3.0-billion $2,370,000,000 5 79% 6/30/12 n/a
U. of California at Berkeley $3.0-billion $1,748,649,739 1 58% 6/30/13 n/a
U. of Texas at Austin $3.0-billion $1,198,752,800 40% 8/31/14 $134,495,555
U. of Virginia $3.0-billion $2,177,767,947 73% 12/31/11 $48,646,900
U. of Illinois system $2.25-billion $1,964,000,000 87% 12/31/11 $112,000,000
Pennsylvania State U. at University Park $2.0-billion $1,031,284,673 52% 6/30/14 $71,504,674
U. of Pittsburgh $2.0-billion $1,496,000,000 75% 6/30/14 $43,007,564
Princeton U. $1.75-billion $1,237,000,000 71% 6/30/12 $89,588,503
Vanderbilt U. $1.75-billion $1,809,442,167 103% 12/31/10 $45,527,556
Emory U. $1.6-billion $1,057,662,718 66% 12/31/12 $21,632,977
Boston College $1.5-billion $719,672,393 48% 5/31/15 $46,757,563
U. of Florida $1.5-billion $1,128,113,730 75% 9/28/12 $63,113,932
U. of Notre Dame $1.5-billion $1,754,481,975 117% 6/30/11 $63,056,506
Brown U. $1.4-billion $1,542,253,321 110% 12/31/10 $47,162,883
Tufts U. $1.2-billion $1,109,565,821 92% 11/30/11 $44,307,204
U. of Nebraska $1.2-billion $812,794,183 68% 12/31/14 $91,066,846
U. of Utah $1.2-billion $855,289,691 71% 6/20/13 $40,896,137
Brandeis U. $1.22-billion $894,000,000 73% 6/30/13 $23,791,003
Indiana U. at Bloomington $1.1-billion $1,144,423,256 104% 6/30/10 $36,483,865
Carnegie Mellon U. $1.0-billion $654,409,889 65% 6/30/13 $24,568,721
Rice U. $1.0-billion $626,931,938 63% 6/30/13 $21,137,917
Rutgers U. system $1.0-billion $425,578,777 43% 6/30/14 $41,571,226
Syracuse U. $1.0-billion $753,008,138 75% 12/31/12 $34,124,000
Texas Tech U. system $1.0-billion n/a n/a n/a n/a
U. of California at Davis $1.0 billion n/a n/a n/a n/a
U. of California at Irvine $1.0-billion $541,060,504 54% 12/31/15 $22,416,654
U. of Cincinnati $1.0-billion $638,600,000 2 64% 6/30/13 n/a
U. of Maryland at College Park $1.0-billion $705,812,571 1 71% 12/31/11 n/a
U. of Tennessee $1.0-billion $1,041,739,361 104% 12/31/11 $47,084,403
Virginia Tech $1.0-billion $946,298,492 95% 12/31/10 $36,237,317
Note: In some cases, numbers are rounded. In cases where colleges did not respond to the current quarterly survey, the most recently provided numbers are listed.
1  As of March 2010
2  As of December 2009
3  As of August 2009
4  As of April 2009
5  As of October 2008


1. 22221757 - November 22, 2010 at 09:02 am

Here at West Virginia University, the foundation has been "talking" about a capital campaign for more than 2 years with no results. At least these other schools are trying.

2. 22178338 - November 22, 2010 at 09:28 pm

West Virginia University's campaign is in the quiet phase. Every school listed on the Chronicle's chart above had a similar time when goals and priorities are tested and adjusted. In WVU's case this test period allowed a new WVU president the chance to undertake and complete a campus master planning process designed to take the university through 2020.

#22221757, you should try to ascertain at least SOME of the facts before you post.

3. graylibrary - November 22, 2010 at 11:14 pm

Those numbers are mind-boggling! Here at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas we are three years into a five year campaign with $70M and $30M to go. Not bad for the first ever campaign, but it pales next to the list of behemoths above!!!

4. 22221757 - November 23, 2010 at 09:05 am

Yes, at wvu the campaign is so quiet that nobody even knows about it and there is no real plan for a substantial campaign. Note to the wvu foundation - after you count a $25 million gift 2007 three different times - you should really stop counting.

As for the time taken by the new president - at this rate he will be lucky if his 2020 plan is not dated by the time it actually is released (but I am sure the glossy brochures will look great)! WVU is absolutely fixated on "testing and adjusting" while the rest of the higher ed. world passes them by.

5. 22221757 - November 30, 2010 at 08:32 am

another week and another wall of silence on the WVU fundraising front. Don't worry, I think they will have a few meetings scheduled for the spring and a gathering of foundation board members at the Greenbrier or Nemacolin to talk it over for another year.

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