UVa Board Members' E-Mails Reflect Worry About Online Education

UVa Board Members' E-Mails Reflect Worry About Broad Changes in Higher Education, Especially Online 1

Sabrina Schaeffer, AP Images

Vice Rector Mark J. Kington stepped down from the Board of Vistors at the U. of Virginia over the recent ouster of the university's president. Before the president resigned, Mr. Kington and Rector Helen Dragas (right) traded e-mails about free education platforms at other elite institutions.

In the weeks leading up to the resignation of Teresa A. Sullivan, president of the University of Virginia, the leaders of the board that forced her out of office traded a number of e-mails with attached articles about the forces transforming higher education, telling one another that the articles illustrated "why we can't afford to wait."

In many of the