Liberal Theology Professor Faces Off Against Germany's Conservative Muslims

Theology Professor Spars With Germany's Islamic Establishment 1

Epa/Bernd Thissen /Landov

"God is not a dictator," says Mouhanad Khorchide, a theologian who directs the Center for Islamic Theology at the U. of Münster. His recent book, Islam Is Merciful, has prompted a backlash among Germany's Muslim establishment.

While Mouhanad Khorchide, a soft-spoken, 41-year-old theology professor, knew his liberal vision of Islam might ruffle the feathers of the established Islamic community in Germany, he didn't think it would happen so quickly—or with such tumult. After just two years in his post as director of the University of Münster's Center for Islamic Theology, he finds himself in the middle of a media and religious firestorm.

Mr. Khorchide's new book,