The White House 'Nudger' Goes Back to Harvard

The White House 'Nudger' Is Back on Campus 1

Pete Souza, white house

President Obama talks with Cass Sunstein, then his "regulatory czar," and his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, near the White House. Mr. Sunstein has returned to teaching law at Harvard.

Cass Sunstein, "the most evil man, the most dangerous man in America," in the words of the provocateur Glenn Beck, is back teaching law at Harvard University, ready to reflect on his contentious nearly-three-year term as the nation's regulatory czar—cautiously.

Mr. Sunstein earned Mr. Beck's obsessive ire, which led to death threats mailed to the law professor's unlisted Boston-area address, largely because of his interest in "nudges," which grew out of a concept that he