The Case of the 'Stupid Drunk'

A high-profile trial puts a spotlight on alcohol abuse on campuses, and the problems of trying to intervene.

The Case of the 'Stupid Drunk' 1

Andrew Shurtleff,, Newscom

Alcohol figured prominently in the life of George Huguely V, who was convicted of killing his onetime girlfriend. His friends at the U. of Virginia worried about his excessive drinking but did not interfere.

We know him all too well. We see him in class, on the field, at the bar, and in our living rooms. He's the "stupid drunk."

Recently Francis McQ. Lawrence, a defense lawyer, used those words to describe his client George Huguely V, a former student at the University of Virginia. Last week a jury convicted Mr. Huguely of second-degree murder, and sentenced him to 26 years in prison for the death of Yeardley Love, his onetime girlfriend, in 2010, days before both were to